Meet Assemblyman John Ellison


Committed To Nevada

     Born into a ranching family, I was raised in Elko and I’m proud to call Northeastern Nevada my home. In addition, I have been a part of the Elko business community as a local business owner for the past three decades.

I have been happily married to Cindy Heathman of Wells, Nevada for 30 years. Together, Cindy and I have four wonderful children, John-Jr (deceased), Billy, Michelle, and Nicole; and eight beautiful grandchildren.

My political career began in 1993, when I was first elected to the Elko City Council, where I served for eight years. I then ran for and was elected to the Elko County Commission, and was then elected to the Nevada State Assembly in 2010. I have since then, severed in four regular and four special sessions.

Assemblyman Ellison received a 94% Republican Voting Average for the 2015 Legislative Session from the American Conservative Union

Download the American Conservative Union’s 2015 Ratings of Nevada.

Assemblyman Ellison has also received a 90 – 100% award for conservative excellence during the 2015 Legislative Session.